When Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

When Should I Seek The Help Of A Lawyer?

People facing an employment law dispute often put off contacting an attorney for many reasons. These include concerns about cost, the emotional toll of a lawsuit or fear about how it will affect future employment prospects. If you are facing discrimination, harassment or retaliation in the workplace, you don’t have to do it alone. An experienced employment lawyer can help you address your concerns and get the remedy you are entitled to by law. The following are examples of situations when the assistance of a lawyer is necessary to protect your rights:

You were recently laid off and offered severance in exchange for signing an agreement that contains a release of claims.

A severance offer with a release of claims is basically an offer to settle any claim you may bring against an employer. Once you sign it, you will be prevented from suing your employer. An experienced employment attorney can review your severance offer and advise you whether it is an appropriate offer for your situation. Companies often make severance offers when they know you have a case to try and make you sign away your rights to sue them. These offers are often lower than the value of your case. Hiring an attorney at this stage will help you negotiate an appropriate offer for your case.

You told your boss you think the company is violating California environmental regulations, and your boss threatened you to keep quiet if you wanted to stay with the company.

You may have a whistleblower case if your company threatens and intimidates you after bringing illegal activity to light. These cases can be complex, and you should seek an attorney’s advice as you move forward.

Your coworker makes lewd jokes and sexist innuendos around you. You have complained several times; management sent him to sensitivity training. However, nothing has changed.

You handled this problem appropriately by reporting the behavior up to this point, but if nothing has changed, you should talk to an attorney. You may have a hostile work environment case based on sexual harassment, but only an experienced employment attorney can review the details of your situation to tell you for certain. Your attorney can review with you whether there are other steps you must take before bringing litigation.

Your new supervisor at work made derogatory comments about Mexican people in front of you, knowing you are of Mexican heritage. He then fired you claiming the company was downsizing. You know you should do something, but you don’t like the idea of litigation.

A lawyer can help you understand your options to hold your employer accountable. It’s normal to be weary of the litigation process or have fears about how pursuing a lawsuit will affect your ability to find a new job. Only an experienced employment lawyer can evaluate your case for you and guide you to the best path forward for you. You may have settlement options that won’t require litigation.

The women in your office have discovered a huge gender wage gap and would like you to join them in a lawsuit, but the thought of testifying frightens you.

You are not alone. Many people hate the idea of testifying in front of others. Talking to a skilled trial lawyer may ease your fears. At Shukla Law, we take time to explain every step of the litigation process to make sure you are ready for any testimony you may need to give in your case. We understand litigation is a different world for most people and spend the time it takes to get you familiar with it and ready for your participation. We handle the tough parts of your case so you don’t have to.

When Should I Seek The Help Of A Lawyer?

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